Nucleus Connect

Nucleus Connect is a specialty provider platform for community oncology practices who want to both improve patient care and make smarter business decisions. It works because it creates combined perspectives of key clinical, operational, and financial data.

Unlike any other collection of healthcare applications, Nucleus Connect works the way successful practices think - it's a single source for both treatment and business management decision making.

Protocol Analyzer and Report Center are available on Nucleus Connect today. Nucleus Inventory Management and other exciting new applications will be available on Nucleus Connect in the near future.

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Protocol Analyzer

Calculate and share financial viability for all treatment options

Protocol Analyzer

Therapy Economics: Bringing Clarity to the Toal Cost of Cancer Care

Protocol Analyzer helps practices better manage their oncology drug spend and optimize their reimbursements. By providing robust drug and protocol economic modeling, practices can quickly and accurately determine the total cost of care. In addition, Protocol Analyzer allows the practice to create a printable estimate for cost of therapy, which can be used to support financial counseling between the patient advocate and the patient.

Protocol Analyzer Offers

  • See evidenced based treatment protocols with compendia from NCCN and Clinical Pharmacology, CMS ASP, and physician fee schedules
  • Analyze economics of protocols using sequestration and private payer fee information, even for newly released medications without J-Codes
  • Compare reimbursement by payer for clinically equivalent drugs
  • Print Patient Financial Estimates with protocol descriptions and copay estimates for the patient by any payer source
  • Create “favorite” protocols to make searching and comparisons even faster
  • View economics reports using real-time pricing from Oncology Supply including ASP trending, Top 20/Bottom 20 Drugs, and historical purchases
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Report Center

Easy access to all practice reporting

Report Center

Easy access to all practice reporting

Integrated thinking helps practices develop a better understanding of financial and non-financial factors and how they impact their patients and business. Improved transparency around these factors and their effect on your practice can help you build trust, improve financial integrity, and drive sustainable growth. Integrated thinking starts with integrated reporting. Report Center simplifies decision making by bringing clinical, financial and operational information together into one place for your ease of use.

Report Center offers

  • Access all clinical, economics and operational reports from Nucleus Inventory Management, Protocol Analyzer and Intellidose TxM
  • Ensure you achieve your financial goals through ION Practice Scorecards
  • Create "favorite" reports to make viewing even faster
  • Schedule reports and receive automatic email notification when they are ready for viewing
  • View reports on screen, print or download as PDF / MS Excel files
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Other Applications

Applications planned for Nucleus Connect Development Soon

Nucleus Inventory Management

Controls inventory levels so you don't have to

For accurate tracking and oversight of inventory, Nucleus Inventory is the premier inventory management application for community oncology. From effectively reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs to tracking and managing patient dispenses, Nucleus Inventory is an important tool for successful practices. Realizing that each practice has unique needs, Nucleus Inventory was built to incorporate advanced configuration options designed to allow each practice to better configure Nucleus Inventory to its specific needs.

Dispensing Options

  • Define drug names within your practice
  • Enter customized J-codes for better billing specific to your practice
  • Automatically calculate waste
  • Track partial vials under the hood (allowed to be stored outside the Nucleus)
  • Return products not used
  • Dispense directly from the approved Physician Order with appropriate EMR interfacing

Inventory Tracking

  • Only system that tracks and dispenses inventory stored under the hood
  • Only system that tracks transfers of inventory between dispensing stations
  • Control purchase order process by allowing users to create, edit, and approve orders before they are submitted to Oncology Supply

Inventory Reporting

  • Determine inventory usage trends
  • Identify billing or revenue errors
  • Minimize inventory costs
  • Audit drug dispensing
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IntelliDose TxM


Managing paper-based records and manually capturing charges can lead to patient safety errors and inefficient billing. With Web-based, digital convenience and complete documentation of the chemotherapy encounter – including detailed, accurate coding – IntelliDose TxM enhances patient safety and increases staff efficiency so you can deliver quality cancer care.

Medical oncologists have been using the IntelliDose oncology-specific CPOE module for almost 20 years. IntelliDose TxM, a Web-based platform, has three robust components to support physicians, nursing, billing, and administration.

Orders Module

  • Enhance the physician workflow and write orders based on your defined treatment plan library
  • IntelliDose TxM, a Web-based platform, has three robust components to support physicians, nursing, billing, and administration.

eNurse Module

  • Chemotherapy nurses can document care with accuracy and point and click convenience. Complies with Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) and Joint Commission (JCAHO) standards

Charge Capture Module

  • Automatically capture all charges for the chemotherapy encounter, saving valuable time for both the chemotherapy nurse and the billing department
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The Nucleus Connect platform is available for ION Solutions members.

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